Wills, Trusts and Estates

A Will details a persons wishes for their estate, appoints an Executor to carryout their wishes and to settle any open matters.  They can be used to provide for special concerns, for contingencies, to create trusts, and appoint guardians for minor children.  Trusts provide for the management of assets over a period of time.  Trusts can be used as a Will substitute, for inheritance and income tax planning, to protect assets  from creditors or individuals, and to provide for special needs.  Trusts can be created by a Will or as a separate document during one’s lifetime.  Both are among the many effective means of estate planning, each best in particular circumstances. Choosing between a Will and Trust is dependent on each client’s specific wishes and situations, our office takes the time to plan and protect each client.

Taking the time to understand our clients’ concerns and intentions is the starting point. From very basic Will preparation to more complex Trusts or Estate Planning, Visci & Associates begins by taking time to understand our clients’ needs and goals.

During this process we:

Estate Plan documents that fit the circumstances help assure an Estate is quickly and properly settled.  We explain how Estates are settled, probate proceedings, the role of Executors, Trustees, Guardians, the use of joint accounts, other Will substitutes, powers of attorney, health care proxies – and how they can best be used in each case.

We help clients understand the various Federal and State inheritance and income taxes that can affect an Estate and we work to lessen their impact.

Our firm is there after a death to insure the proper parties are appointed to carryout the intentions for the estate, the assets are located and collected, the estate is paid out and settled.  We work to explain and lessen any inheritance and income tax burden.