Each client’s financial and tax situation presents opportunities and traps. For every return we consider every means of reducing our clients’ tax burden.  We use our tax experience and expertise in counseling personal, estate and trust, and business tax clients.

In this area Visci & Associates is available to:

We use our tax knowledge and experience to help all clients better understand the tax cost and tax savings possibilities of any endeavors in which we are assisting. This allows our clients to better manage and evaluate their finances and transactions.

Our comprehensive planning and tax saving approach in each area is described below.

Personal Tax

Our ongoing familiarity with clients’ family, financial, and legal circumstances as well as their planning and transactions, keeps us aware of deductions credits and tax saving opportunities.

Employment vs consulting arrangements, new business ventures, side businesses, retirement planning, all present opportunities for planning to help clients achieve their goals at reduced tax cost.

We often have the chance to prepare tax returns for entire family units – parents, children, and grandparents.  This presents the opportunity to maximize tax savings by proper placement of deductions and credits, such as dependents exemptions or education credits, among family members.

The opportunities change year to year and we take the time to give each year a fresh look.