Estate Planning

Estate planning begins with the work we do counseling our clients in the area of Wills Trusts and Estates and builds from there in one or more directions.  Visci & Associates builds on this by planning to:

We review the tax impact of retirement plans and appreciated assets on the Estate Planning process, and provide solutions that reduce both inheritance and income taxes.   Discussing the use of special trusts and exemptions can reduce taxes and plan for the payment of taxes that cannot be avoided.  Special circumstances, such as business or real estate ownership and the makeup of investment portfolios, are carefully considered so that the values of these assets are preserved and they pass as intended.

While working with our clients we create strategies which deal with theses issues without sacrificing personal concerns and goals. We then design potential Estate Plans for our clients to choose from to best fit their goals.  Families are brought into the process, if a client wishes to do so.

Finally, clients are counseled on how to keep their planning intact as they continue to enjoy their assets. After the documents are executed Visci & Associates is there to work closely with our clients to monitor the plan and insure it remains intact and effective.