Planning, protecting, and achieving success.

Wills, trusts and estates, estate planning, elder law, real estate, personal tax, business tax, and business law.

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Wills, Trusts and Estates

From very basic Will preparation to Trusts or Estate Planning, Visci & Associates begins by taking time to understand our clients’ needs and goals.

Estate Planning

Estate planning begins with the counseling we do with our clients in the area of Wills Trusts and Estates and builds from there in one or more directions.

Elder Law

Given the financial burdens that arise due to catastrophic illness – planning for these burdens is an important part of the process at any level.

Real Estate

Real Estate is a cornerstone of wealth and security. Our office works as a team to assist and guides the client in the purchase and sale of residential and commercial real estate.

Personal Tax

Our ongoing familiarity with clients’ family, financial, legal circumstances, their planning and transactions, keeps us aware of deductions, credits, and tax saving opportunities.

Business Tax

We integrate business taxes and services with personal taxes, retirement, and overall tax planning in order to minimize taxes and maximize savings and flexibility.

Business Law

Thoughtful planning is the key to business success. We assist our clients in starting, purchasing, and selling all types of businesses.


It is essential to make every effort to avoid costly litigation by planning properly and having quality representation. At times litigation cannot be avoided.